Keep a Tighter Rein on Your Inventory With Four Prime Tips For Food Wholesalers

1. Efficient, effective expiry management

To ensure you have plenty of stock without wasting expired items, the inventory flow should be smooth and seamless. It is important to keep in mind the FIFO principle (First In, First Out) when it comes to expiry analysis and planning if you want to have the freshest ingredients without waste.

The key to efficient, effective expiry management is advanced analysis and automation principles. By using specialist software, such as an ERP solution, this advanced analysis becomes a doddle and the automated rules to keep it smooth and seamless become standard.

2. Manage your shelf space

Effective shelf space management is about more than just the physical space needed to store your inventory, it also includes receiving, picking, put-away, pick, ship, dynamic move, physical inventory counts and quality.

The key to successful shelf space management lies in logistics and planning. It can be tricky as there are lots of pieces of information to remember, but an ERP solution can help out by removing the heavy lifting (of the maths, that is, not stock).

3. Traceability

Knowing exactly what is where, where it came from, the duration of its remaining shelf life and furthermore is absolutely essential to effectively managing your stock. Moreover, batch traceability provides security in terms of food safety. It is only with a great system for traceability that you can confidently identify allergens, kosher/halal stock as well as the source of any contaminants. It may sound like you’re pre-empting the worst, but it’s better to prepare in advance for these problems than to bury your head in the sand.

4. Real-time cycle counts

Obviously it’s far less disruptive to have a rolling cycle count than to complete a physical count. A cycle count is much more achievable if employees are able to access and record count data remotely.

In fact, remote access in the Cloud is the keystone to achieving our other top tips.

With remotely accessible count data,…

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