Kate Upton does the ‘dougie’: 6 celebrities discovered on YouTube

From music artists to models, there are many stars who have found fame by wandering down the mystical path of YouTube.

You might be surprised that these famous celebrities are living it up thanks to sharing their videos online:


The Biebs is probably the most iconic YouTube star to date.

JB started posting homemade videos of him singing online at the mere age of 12.

As the videos he shared began accumulating thousands of views it didn’t take long for Scooter Braun to stumble across the superstar.

Braun, who is still Bieber’s manager today, introduced him to Usher and the rest is history.


The Aussie band used YouTube to share its covers of popular songs and it didn’t take long for the fans to swoon.

With a solid fan base built from their own hard work online, their videos gained public approval of boy band One Direction.

1D’s Louis Tomlinson set their fame in stone when he tweeted one of…

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