Just in Time for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, An Enthralling and Original Novel Brings to Life One of Christianity’s Most Significant Figures, Martin Luther

Christoph Werner’s SHADOWS OF MY FATHER

A thoughtful, insightful lens into one of the most famous figures and one of the most profound historical events, SHADOWS OF MY FATHER reveals an intriguing, historically accurate, and all-too-human side of Martin Luther and his lasting legacy.

Christoph Werner’s SHADOWS OF MY FATHER (September 26, 2017; E-Book; ISBN 9780062791696; print on demand edition: Nov. 14, 2017) paints a vivid and atmospheric picture of Martin Luther, including his day-to-day life, his break with the Catholic Church, and his singular dedication in sustaining the Reformation. It is also a portrait of his rebellious son, raised in a harsh religious household, who turns his faith to saving lives instead of souls, eventually becoming a royal doctor. Illuminating the world of 16th century Germany, from the wars and famines to the growing controversy surrounding the church, Paul’s letters and diaries show readers a new side of Martin Luther and his legacy.

Unlike his prophetic father, Paul Luther was not a man of religion but rather of science and medicine. Yet his father was ever-present through his life, from the impact of Martin’s break from the Catholic Church on the family to his ongoing efforts to sustain the Reformation. Unwilling to join his father’s fanatical disciples, Paul became critical of his famous father’s critiques and separated himself from Martin. Yet even after death, which occurred when Paul was just beginning his medical studies, Martin’s shadow loomed over the family.

Christoph Werner vividly recreates the world of 16th century Germany, a time when faith and tradition clash with education and reason—giving birth to superstition and shaking the foundations of a Catholic Church already…

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