Jobs celebrities did before they were famous

Confidential reporters Jackie Epstein and Luke Dennehy on some of the surprising jobs Melbourne’s A-listers had before they cracked the big time.

Posh Spice worked on a sex education show. Picture: Carlos Alvarez

BEFORE celebrities hit the big time and were scoring themselves multimillion-dollar paychecks for starring in movies or selling albums, they had to pay for rent and food somehow.

While some managed to score reasonable forms of employment, other celebrities struggled through some pretty hilarious and interesting jobs.

Here are some of the best.

Nicole Kidman: Massage therapist in Australia

Jennifer Aniston: Bike messenger

Julia Roberts: Baskin-Robbins ice-cream scooper

Beyoncé: Swept up hair at her mother’s salon

Demi Moore: Debt collector

Meryl Streep: Cheerleader

Bill Murray: Sold chestnuts outside a Chicago grocery

Gwen Stefani: Mopped floors in a Californian ice cream shop

Matthew McConaughey: Cleaned chicken coops

Martha Stewart: Baby-sat Mickey Mantle’s children

Rod Stewart: Soccer player

Angelina Jolie: Wanted to be a funeral director

Whoopi Goldberg: Made up dead people’s faces in a mortuary

Elvis Costello: Data worker in a bank

Jay-Z: Drug dealer

Morgan Freeman: US air force radar technician

Anderson Cooper: Age nine played a To Tell the Truth impostor

Channing Tatum: Stripper

Patrick Dempsey: Juggler

Bradley Cooper: Aspiring cook

Victoria Beckham: Appeared on BBC’s sex-education show

Ozzy Osbourne : Worked in a slaughterhouse

Mick Jagger: Porter in a mental hospital

Mark Wahlberg: Modelled Calvin Klein underwear

Cyndi Lauper: Dog-kennel cleaner

Keith Richards: Ball boy in a tennis club

Nicole Kidman could’ve been your masseuse back in the day. Picture: Steve GranitzSource:Getty Images

Beyonce and Jay Z had vastly different jobs before they hit the big time. Picture: Christopher PolkSource:Getty Images

Jolie had darker dreams before her acting career took off. Picture: Jason MerrittSource:Supplied

Can you imagine Megan Fox in a banana suit? Picture: Jonathon…

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