Jeremy Corbyn is accused of being too RIGHT-WING by Socialist Party who denounce him as the new Maggie

JEREMY CORBYN has been accused of being too RIGHT-WING by the Socialist Party – who have dubbed him the new Maggie Thatcher.

In a tweet to the Labour leader, the official Socialist Party account said to him that socialism must replace capitalism in Britain, and implied Mr Corbyn was trying to fudge it.

Is Jeremy Corbyn as right-wing as Thatcher? The Socialist Party seem to think so

They said: “Outdated failing capitalism must be eradicated and replaced with socialism.

“Forget about wanting to manage capitalism to make it nicer.”

The tweet was accompanied by a snap of Jeremy’s face on former Tory PM Margaret Thatcher.

The party argues that Mr Corbyn’s definition of socialism isn’t good enough, and they want a “class-free, state-free, money-free society with free access”.

The party also tweeted out an article written today which argued that “Jeremy Corbyn is a real threat to the working class, but they still haven’t realised” and labelled the party “delusional”.

A fresh poll out today from YouGov showed that a third thought capitalism WAS harming the country.

Theresa May tried to fight back in a speech at the Bank of England today, arguing that a world without the current system would make Brits poorer and society would be worse off.

The Labour leader took aim at the former PM in his conference speech yesterday, declaring that capitalism had failed.

He told the party faithful on the final day of the gathering in Brighton: “There is a new common sense emerging  about how the country should be run.

“That’s what we fought for in the election and that’s what’s needed to replace the broken model forged by Margaret Thatcher many years ago.”

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Corbyn promised to roll back reforms that Maggie Thatcher introduced in the 1980s

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