Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott previously backed crisis-hit socialist Venezuela as its PM claims victory over vote to scrap national parliament


The pair remained silent today as chaos in the socialist country continues

JEREMY CORBYN and Diane Abbott have remained silent today after Venezuela’s socialist President claimed victory in a sham vote to scrap the current parliament.

The pair have both spoken out in support of the regime, and praised the country as a model of socialism.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke in support of the country when he was a backbench MP

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Diane Abbott previously said the country showed ‘another way is possible’ and the poor ‘really identified’ with former President Chavez

Today President Maduro hailed yesterday’s vote – which will allow him to scrap the current National Assembly and replace it with his own Constituent Assembly – as the “hand of the people”.

He claimed eight million people had backed the new assembly designed to radically change the country’s constitution.

But the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, slammed it as a “sham election” which would bring Venezuela “another step toward dictatorship”.

The country’s opposition say no ink was used to mark voters’ fingers and there was nothing to stop people voting twice.

The country has descended into crisis in recent months, with deadly clashes with the police killing 125 people, power and medicine shortages, and rampant inflation leaving thousands going hungry.

Once the richest country in Latin America, the now socialist administration’s economy is on the verge of total collapse.

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