Jeffrey Barton gets maximum sentence yesterday, Aug. 8

Jeffrey Barton spoke to a judge this morning, August 7, complaining and denying for more than 30 minutes, before he was sentenced to 48 years in prison for molesting a boy in his care.

“This entire investigation is a witch hunt for money,” claimed the former Head of Schools at the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California. Barton worked at the academy almost 20 years.

Barton referred to a civil lawsuit against the boys’ military academy, which is currently working its way through the court system, that case is set for trial in March 2018. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are asking for as much as $24 million in damages for two alleged molest victims.

Barton, 59, has been held in custody in San Diego County since October of 2013. He was originally accused of molesting six boys who had been under his authority. Former students who knew Barton from three different schools across the United States, across a span of 30 years, made accusations. At the end of his first trial, Barton was acquitted of some charges but the jury could not come to conclusion on others. His second jury trial ended two months ago, in June 2017, at that time Barton was found guilty of six molest charges.

The second jury was able to come to unanimous decision only after one hold-out juror was finally dismissed by the judge, for failing to deliberate. Today, convicted molester Barton told the judge it was “scary” that “a juror was tossed.”

Today judge Harry Elias sentenced Barton to the maximum time allowed under law, 48 years, eight years for each of the six guilty counts. The judge declared the years are to be served consecutively, no parole.

“I have been assaulted more than once here,” Barton complained when he spoke before sentencing. Barton referred to the four years he was held in local jail while he awaited justice. In court today, he wondered aloud what might happen after he is sent to prison.

When he was speaking to the court before sentencing, Barton turned in his…

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