Jason Provenzano Joins Makers Nutrition, LLC, as President and CEO

Jason Provenzano, President and CEO of Makers Nutrition, LLC

The day a company gets comfortable with its success is the day it begins to fail.

Jason Provenzano has joined Makers Nutrition, LLC, as President and CEO. He brings over 20 years of industry expertise to the rapidly-growing, full-service supplement manufacturer. Mr. Provenzano, accredited with over 50 national and global awards, is dedicated to leaving a mark in a field that is growing at an unstoppable rate. He seeks to raise the already-high standards of Makers Nutrition to solidify its role as an industry leader. “Simply put, it is all about quality. My experience has been that clients want quality from their manufacturing partners…quality products and quality service. Makers Nutrition offers a full range of manufacturing, packaging, graphic design and fulfillment services to our clients. I know that going the extra mile to make sure all of our goals in every department are focused on delivering only the highest overall quality across the board, will help both Maker Nutrition and its clients continue to build solid reputations and increased market share,” says Provenzano.

Provenzano expresses concern over the many substandard players in the industry he clearly loves. “Makers Nutrition is an FDA Registered, NSF International audited, cGMP Company. Makers Nutrition is an organization that takes this industry very seriously. There are too many sad stories about inventors putting their life’s work or investors putting their life savings into products made by fly-by-night, underqualified companies that produce products that do not meet specifications and do not sell. At Makers Nutrition, we offer not only the best in quality and service but very…

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