Jamaican expats celebrate International Homesickness Day with a Facebook contest hosted by TelephoneJamaica.com

The most challenging part about being an expat is dealing with homesickness. Missing family, friends, familiar places, all the things they used to call “home” leave a hole in an expat’s heart, which can never be replaced, no matter how many new friends one might have or new experiences one might try. To celebrate this wonderful “home” left in the mother country, TelephoneJamaica.com celebrates International Homesickness Day with a Facebook contest.

The contest is launched on International Homesickness Day, on September 27 and challenges Jamaican expats to share the most valuable lesson they learned after moving abroad. The contest is open until October 1, the winner will be chosen randomly and get $10 Voice Credit for international calls to Jamaica.

The Voice Credit gift can be used to call from:

  • any phone, through the use of local access numbers
  • any smartphone, as TelephoneJamaica.com offers a free app, for both iOS and Android devices, called KeepCalling.

Besides Voice Credit for international calls, TelephoneJamaica.com also offers Mobile Recharge, a service that helps customers recharge phones anywhere in the world. And a mobile top up can be a great Homesickness Day gift this week. The process is fast and secure and the credit reaches its destination instantly. The operators available for top ups to Jamaica are Digicel and Flow.

Customers are happy both with the quality and with the prices offered by TelephoneJamaica.com. On TrustPilot, a famous review site, TelephoneJamaica.com receives constant feedback from its customers and currently has an 8.7 rating.

One customer writes, ’Excellent service, never had a problem. I would recommend this company for calling Jamaica; their rates are quite competitive and at times they do…

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