‘It cost him his life’: Father warns of fentanyl danger after son found dead on Christmas Eve – Manitoba

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Larry Hobson’s 21-years-old son Jeremy was found dead on Christmas Eve in what he suspects is an accidental fentanyl overdose.

“That’s my baby,” said Hobson, unable to fight back the tears. “He’s my heart and soul.”

It was supposed to be a regular night drinking with friends and cousins. But then one of his son’s friends gave everybody in the room a pill of what they thought was Oxycontin. Everybody — including Hobson’s other son Matthew — took a pill, but only one was lethal.

Hobson was in bed when he got the call.

“He just took something and it cost him his life,” said Hobson.

His son’s friends thought he had fallen asleep and moved him from the couch to the bed. Hobson believes everybody in the house was under the influence, which impaired their judgment and ability to call for an ambulance in time.

Hobson said his son doesn’t smoke or do drugs and he’s looking for answers, though nobody from that night is talking about what happened out of fear. The only information Hobson has obtained has been through the police or the medical examiner.

A toxicology report and blood test is underway but Hobson believes a single pill of Oxycontin would not kill. He added that the medical examiner did not want to speculate, but had affirmed that a dose of Oxycontin would not lead to death.

Searching for meaning in tragedy

While Hobson is still grieving the death of his son, he’s already trying to gather the strength to start spreading awareness about the dangers of fentanyl, before a funeral has even occurred.

He plans to continue helping people understand that accidental fentanyl deaths can happen to anyone, young or old, prosperous or poor.

Hobson is already speaking with the Bear Clan about working together.

“There’s nothing I can do about him being gone, but there’s something I can do for other kids and parents,” said Hobson. “My son’s death is so senseless, but I want it to have some meaning.”


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