Issa Says Obamacare is ‘Stalin-type Socialism,’ Advocates for ‘Freedom’ (to Die)

Repealing Obamacare is a choice between free market and Stalin-type socialism, said San Diego Congressman Darrell Issa on a call-in radio show this week.

The health care bill written by Republicans on beverage napkins over lunch on Thursday affecting one-sixth of the economy is, I gather, all about “freedom,” the GOP’s code word for unfettered greed, lack of empathy, and government-enforced poverty.  

The pieces of “Skinny Repeal” we already know about will raise insurance premiums by 20% while causing 16 million fewer people to have coverage next year. Americans who are low-income, older or living in rural communities would no longer be able to afford insurance — while the savings from the bill would be applied to tax cuts for the wealthy.

Here are Issa’s thoughts, via Think Progress: (Fake facts in boldface)

“In a nutshell, there is a decision of whether you believe in the free market and competition or whether you believe in Stalin-type socialism,” Issa said on Boston Herald Radio ahead of the Senate’s vote on the motion to proceed Tuesday. “I know that always gets people going — ‘How can you compare?’ — but the fact is that when one entity, the federal government [decides] … how much you get in health care versus how much you paid in or currently make, and whether you get a surgical procedure or not…”

…His portrayal of former President Obama’s signature achievement as “Stalin-type socialism” is more extreme than the congressman has been recently, when he has touted his collaboration with Obama. Issa represents a competitive district, and he once even included the former president in a campaign mailer.

“Unless we roll Obamacare back… You no longer control your own life,” Issa said. “Understand that on one hand, Obamacare says that every woman is going to get her prescriptions for birth control paid for but they also decide whether or not you’re going to get a new lifesaving medicine, whether a procedure…

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