Is using your face to unlock your iPhone comfortable or creepy?


Apple said the chance of someone hacking your phone with fingerprint identification was one in 50,000. With facial recognition it is one in one million.

Your passcode can be hacked, but your face is yours and yours alone. That’s the thinking behind Apple’s latest security measure, which is more high-tech and a bit more intimate than anything else on the market.

With face identification, which Apple unveiled on Wednesday, owners of the company’s new top-of-the-line iPhone X will be able to unlock their phone, pay for products and use mobile apps just by glancing at their device.

“Nothing has ever been simpler, more natural and effortless,” Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said during Apple’s first product launch at its new headquarters in Cupertino, California.


Apple’s iPhone X unveiled on Wednesday, is the first of its products to feature face identification.

“Face ID is the future of how we unlock our smartphones and protect our sensitive information.”

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