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IQ Car Wash held its grand opening Friday, Aug. 11 as it celebrated the most recent of its three locations in Oklahoma.

The large car wash, located next to Advance Auto Parts on N. Garnett Road in Owasso, has three automatic car wash bays and six self-serve bays, in addition to several free of charge vacuum areas on the south end of the structure.

The IQ Car Wash concept was based on the original 3D image-scanning car washes that offered the first touch-free car wash. Scott Shepherd, founder of IQ Car Wash, took the 3D technology and married it with a business concept he had already grown familiar with.

“I grew up watching QuikTrip,” Shepherd said. “Everything’s the same at their locations, it works, so I decided I was going to convert that into the car wash industry.”

In 2012, his IQ Car Wash in Ponca City was the first to offer a soft-touch bay using the IQ equipment from D&S Manufacturing, where the automatic car wash experience gets a little more detailed.

In the soft-touch bay, sponges – specifically a type of closed-cell sponge – remove dirt and grime and use the 3D profiling technology to wash each car according to its shape.

There are two soft-touch bays at the newly opened Owasso location.

The sponges are safe for the body of the vehicle – they are not abrasive like brushes – and the soaps used throughout the IQ Car Wash bays are alkaline-based, not acid based.

They are also biodegradable.

The new car wash also has a water collection system that reclaims 95 percent of the water used, Shepherd said, and treats it to be recycled through the system and softened before it touches another vehicle.

And there are no quarters needed here.

Machines can accept $1 bills, $5 bills, all the way up to $100 and credit or debit cards. There is also an IQ Car Wash card available. More information can be found online…

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