Introducing the Bulletproof C6SHELL, The World’s Most Powerful Laptop Protection Case

We are launching on Kickstarter to not only give those who value their laptops’ the protection they always wanted, but also to finance our first production for the last laptop case you will ever have to buy. It is functional, very user friendly, luxurious looking and fancy.

C6SHELL, the revolutionary new bulletproof carbon fiber laptop case that promises to last a lifetime, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The C6SHELL is the most protective laptop case ever created. The C6SHELL has been engineered to survive the test of strength and time, while remaining compact, stylish and practical for daily use. Simply put, this is the last laptop case users will ever need to purchase.

“We have all dreaded the moment we witnessed other passengers putting their luggages in the overhead compartment of the plane. We worried whether the bags being shoved in could possibly damage our laptops and cause us misery. While on a flight, we found ourselves panicking to remove our laptops from our backpacks after witnessing a fellow passenger struggling to fit her bag in the overhead compartment,” says co-founder Mark-Ethan Jermain on the inspiration behind the project. “At that moment we wondered whether a laptop case existed, that could fit in virtually every existing backpack or bag and absorb any shock without damage. It was birth of the idea of C6SHELL. During the design and prototyping phase, other important members joined the C6SHELL team, to make the product a reality.”

The C6SHELL is comprised of carbon fiber, aluminum, and leather. The design renders the C6SHELL incredibly lightweight while also remaining completely bulletproof. The interior cushion also protects the laptop…

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