Interview: Walter Hargrave: Indie Music Bus

As the driver of the Indie Music Bus, with all of the Indie artists out there now, Walter Hargrave has a long and fascinating ride ahead of him. The Indie Music Bus is an answer to the independent musicians prayers, offering various services from promotion to internet radio and blogger directories to DIY tips and tricks, and most importantly “belief”.

There is not much more that I add to the answers Walter provided and his wife, Darlene helped add some life to, except that for the Indie artists it is essential that you read this. It could very well change your life and enhance your journey. You can follow Indie Music Bus on Twitter, as all links are listed below….

What is Indie Music Bus, and what exactly does Indie Music Bus do?

Indie Music Bus™ is a self-promotion service for independent music.

  • A brand name and acronym “IMB”
  • A metaphor for a vehicle to support independent music
  • A software that is the engine that drives our automated part of social media promotion
  • A philosophy of effective teamwork
  • Long-term, trustworthy support
  • Honest and transparent
  • A team of volunteer writers and listeners
  • Listens
  • Offers promotion & social media opportunities
  • Invites certain artists for an interview
  • Offers Tips and DIY advice
  • Pages with friendly radio stations and blog sites
  • Free Services and Ad free websites

The thing we do the most around here is listen to music! Lots of music, we have listened to more songs than we can over the years. Music submissions arrive via email, from our database on the IMB website or via a third-party interface like at ReverbNation. Often, 7 thus far, we work with ReverbNation to find many of the artists we now feature via their campaigns.

Social Media Promotion on Twitter

For artists Riding the Bus, its “engine” shares music, video, websites, reviews and interviews. During our automated promotion cycles, it uses a mixture of random processes, day of week and time of day type events, to broadcast stored information about an artist or…

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