Instructions on How to Change a Line on a Spinning Reel

A spinning reel is the next best thing after the sport of fishing for the anglers. It is what most fishermen prefer. The reel provides better control over the bait. It enables an angler to cast his line from a further distance. Ideally fishing lines should be changed once every season, and if you are hitting the water more often then it should be changed more often. And if you are going fishing every once in a while, you will have to learn to change the line yourself; it is not feasible to take it to the tackle shop.

All you will need is scissors and fishing line of course. Begin by removing the old fishing line by pulling it from the reel. Now you need to cut the knot holding the end of the knot to use the reel with the help of scissors. Once you remove the tape around the new fishing line, slide the end of the line through all the fishing rod guides, starting at the tip and working your way down the fishing reel. Secure it with the help of a knot such as an arbor knot at the end of the line, after lifting the spinning reels bail arm. Cut away the excess fishing line of the road and then lower the arm.

If you have someone to help you change the line, ask him to take the spool of the fishing line and put a pencil or a dowel rod through the centre of the spool. Make him stand in front of you with the spool of the line. Ensure that the line is coming from the top of the spool and not from the bottom. This is to prevent the line from getting twisted. Keep winding the reel in reverse until a couple of feet of line is wrapped around the spool.

Now that you are almost there, check to see if the line makes a corkscrew shape as it comes off the spool. If it is a yes, ask your ‘assistant’ to gently rotate the spool counter clockwise, until the line is straight again. Continue doing for another few feet and then check again. You need to repeat the previous step until you get to the end of the line, or in other words the reel is filled up to about 1/8 inch below the…

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