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There is another choice for physical therapy services in Bucks County and Philadelphia, and it offers patients a different experience.

It’s Inner Circle Physical Therapy & Myofascial Release Centers. The Best of Bucks-winning centers offer a unique combination of traditional and alternative techniques in a non-invasive, gentle manner to produce some uncommon results.

Since opening its doors in 1998, Director Tim Alloway, M.S.P.T., and his experienced staff have found the most effective physical therapy treatments to involve the power of touch and a hands-on approach to healing — rather than simply hooking a person up to a machine or just exercising.

“Inner Circle is unique because we use traditional physical therapy along with myofascial release and manual therapies to accomplish better outcomes,” Alloway said. “We also aim to educate patients about their problems and needs.”

Myofascial release is a whole-body, hands-on approach to evaluating and treating the muscles and connective tissue (fascia) of the body. It’s based on the premise that the majority of orthopedic and chronic pain is caused, at least in part, by restrictions within the muscles and connective tissue of the body that cause abnormal tension, which can result in a lack of mobility or pain.

“Myofascial release is something that we use pretty extensively and knowledgeably,” Alloway said.

“We are an effective alternative,” he added. “And I believe people voted for us because of the skills that we use.”

Alloway and his staff say that even if you think you have a condition that is just a natural part of life or aging, you should consider Inner Circle before giving into to pain or a lack of mobility.

“You are in control of your health, and we are here to help,” is the motto upon which they…

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