infinias Google and Outlook Calendar Integration Feature is Now Available in the CLOUD

Only 3xLOGIC offers full calendar integration with no training needed

3xLOGIC’s Calendar Integration feature has eliminated the need for additional training and put this ad-hoc scheduling capability into tools that our customers are comfortable with and using every day. Bill Hobbs, 3xLOGIC Senior Director of Sales

3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions today announced that the infinias Google and Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration everyone knows and loves is now available in infinias CLOUD. Users can create exception schedules for their doors simply by booking a calendar invitation in Google or Outlook calendar. Calendar Integration requires no user training, so approved staff can easily modify open and close door schedules to accommodate evolving needs and last minute changes. Schedule modifications can also be managed directly from their mobile device.

infinias access control solutions by 3xLOGIC have been market tested and trusted for years. Whether leveraging cloud or server-based options, 3xLOGIC’s infinias access control offers cost-effective security solutions that are easy to manage, simple to install, and that scale with the user’s changing needs.

Creating and managing schedules, and all the exceptions for those schedules, are notoriously one of the most complex tasks within access control applications, particularly for schools and churches. For example, schools often need to create exception schedules or schedule overrides for PTO meetings, sports events, extra-curricular events. Churches or other groups that rent out their buildings must accommodate last minute additions and changes to their meeting schedules. Business owners and…

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