India Network Announces BasicCare Visitor Health Insurance Plan for essential needs of Travelers (B1 and B2 ), Students (F1 Visa), and Temporary workers (H1 Visa) to USA

BasicCare Visitor Health Insurance Plan cost less than a dollar per day for 55 years old

Dr. KV Rao, Founder President said that the new BasicCare Accident and Sickness plan designed to provide base coverage at less than $1 per day for 50-59 years old from AXIS American Insurance Company.

India Network Foundation is a US based non-profit community service organization helping thousands of families with their visitor health insurance needs. Currently, India Network plans are the only ones that cover visitors aged 0 to 99 years with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease to name a few. The BasicCare fixed benefit accident and health insurance program launched today to further the access to visitors health care needs.

healthcare insurance company with 30 years of experience in helping foreign visitors to the United States, Canada and Mexico to get affordable health insurance for all age groups of visitors (0 – 99 years old) and for pre-existing conditions using American Insurance companies. Every year thousands of families benefit from India Network Health insurance plans while inviting parents and grandparents to visit them in the United States.

Effective immediately, India Network is pleased to announce a brand new BasicCare Plan offering coverage at lower premiums and covering many essential needs of visitors with no pre-existing medical conditions. The Plan is designed to offer cost effective health insurance coverage for 0-69 years old parents during their stay in the United States. The program is underwritten by AXIS American Insurance Company and all claims are handled by a US based third party administrator, WebTPA.

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