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Dear Annie: I’m in a difficult situation I’m hoping you can help with. You see, my soul mate is married.

It all began the Christmas before last. I was working at a convenience store, when suddenly in walked the most beautiful man. My heart started racing, and I became overwhelmed with a feeling I’d never felt before. For months, we flirted back and forth when he came into the store, and one day we finally exchanged numbers. I didn’t know he was married, let alone had children. When I found that out, I pulled back some and stopped flirting. He pouted and had low-key tantrums, and then he stopped texting – for a while.

He still kept coming into the store. But then he started trying to flirt with my co-workers, talking slick to them in my presence. I talked to my co-workers and established that no one – and I meant no one – was to entertain my soul mate!

About a year went by, and we started flirting again. Frustration and tension built for months. One day, he finally leaned in and – oh, that kiss! Sparks flew. I had a tingling sensation. I quickly pulled away and left. I had butterflies and was lightheaded and shaking. I had this overwhelming feeling of uncertainty. But I knew he was the one.

We are currently six months into our affair. He knows how I feel about him, the passion and desires. He tries to leave me, but it only lasts about a week, and then he’s back again. Home life isn’t the best for him. His wife is constantly nagging him. His 7-year-old son is super needy and has driven a wedge between them and ruined their intimacy. His teenage stepdaughter, who wasn’t there for him when he was incarcerated, is always bothering him now.

What do I do? He and his wife are slowly getting a divorce. I love him, and I strongly believe that he was mine in a past life and needs to be with me. – But I Love Him

Dear But I Love Him: This isn’t love. It’s infatuation. The two are like gold and pyrite. Love shines at any angle,…

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