In defence of Destiny 2 – Reader’s Feature

Destiny 2 – has it been unfairly criticised?

A reader offers his verdict on Bungie’s new sequel, and defends it against the most common criticisms since its launch.

It’s not like I need to write in and defend one of the best-selling and most popular video games of the year, but goodness is there a lot of sour grapes towards Destiny 2 at the moment.

Before I counter some of the complaints I would just like to say I’m loving it. It’s everything the first game should have been, with a solid campaign, plenty of side quests, a clear upgrade path towards high power once you hit level 20, and the components of things like the Nightfall and Raid feel like interesting challenges to overcome and not a brick wall you need to smash through with your head.

The thing is I feel like a lot of the complaints are hangovers from the first game (that though I loved, I admit was bare bones and broken on day one). To say that Bungie aren’t passionate about the game… what really? They come up with their own lore and backstory for a whole new universe to build the game they’ve always dreamed of and people think they’re phoning it in?

You should see the developers at conventions and fan meetings, it’s clear they’re as passionate about their game as any of the players. Someone else complained of a lack of gameplay and I just can’t understand that. Next to something like Wolfenstein, which I find dull as dishwater, my avatar has three different subclasses that fundamentally change my character’s abilities, hundreds of different weapon combinations, elements of platforming, puzzle-solving, treasure-hunting, exploring, and that glorious 30 seconds of fun combat Bungie excel at.

I also don’t agree with complaints about the story, as it’s no worse than many big budget games. And the true story of Destiny isn’t watched in its campaign cut scenes but discovered through the Adventures and objects of interest scattered around the world for you to discover. I…

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