Immersive Denver Cybersecurity Educator Launches New Classes at New Location with New Director

Ajay Menendez, a 30-year IT veteran, takes the helm at SecureSet Academy’s new Blake St. campus in Denver.

SecureSet Academy today announced that Ajay Menendez, a 30-year IT veteran, has been named campus director as the Academy moves to its new location at 2228 Blake St. in Denver.

The move creates room for programs to grow as the Academy seeks to prove its immersive model for addressing the dangerous shortage of cybersecurity professionals who are required to meet growing threats to both the US private and public sectors.

Menendez — an information security professional, instructor and security evangelist — will oversee the enrollment, education and employment of Denver’s SecureSet students. He draws upon experience that includes DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) projects and lifesaving field technology for hospitals in the wake of the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

He will also oversee the kickoff of the Denver campus’ Hunt Analyst Bootcamp, a new offering that opens the cybersecurity field to aspirants with non-technical backgrounds. The new location will also house classes for the CORE Technical Bootcamp program — the Academy’s other immersive education offering — as well as certifications, meetups and seminars.

“There are approximately 325,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions in the US right now,” said Academy founder Bret Fund. “Denver is our central proving ground for leveraging our hiring partner network and faculty expertise to teach the world how to meet the demand for environment-ready professionals. Having Ajay in place in the new campus will be a boon.”

SecureSet Academy expanded to Colorado Springs in December 2016 and will open its Tampa campus this year.

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