I’m happy for fiancee to keep sleeping with men for money says civil servant marrying £130-an-hour sex worker

Shy civil servant Andrew Hamer was so unlucky in love that he booked a sex session with a prostitute .

It was meant to be strictly business but the encounter led to romance , a ­proposal and an engagement.

Now Andrew, 48, who lives with his 78-year-old mum, is looking ­forward to ­married life.

And he doesn’t mind if his bride carries on her work as an escort.

Andrew booked porn star and £130-an-hour prostitute Kat Lee, 31, for sex last autumn.

He fell in love and asked her to join him on a trip to Paris, where he ­asked her to be his girlfriend.

When they returned he proposed in his mother’s house with a £200 diamond ring from H Samuel.

The pair met after shy Andrew booked a session with the £130-an-hour prostitute

Now Kat will be married in white ­before the year is out. And Andrew’s mum has given her blessing.

Overjoyed Andrew is in no doubt that he doesn’t have a problem with Kat ­continuing as a prostitute.

He told The People : “There are too many people that judge but I am objective. I can separate what is Kat’s job. I doubt it will ever come between us.”

In her work, Kat can sleep with up to five men a day, always practising safe sex. Andrew says they have a normal sexual relationship even after she has been working.

He said: “I know she’s working but I don’t think of her as being with other men. It’s a job. She’s having sex but she’s not making love. Not like we do.

“I differentiated it right from the start.

“What we have together is special. I never knew love could be so ­wonderful.

“I have at last found a lovely girl who is ­sympathetic, caring and very sweet. She is all I have ever wanted. I’m a lucky man.

His mum Lillian said: “I’m thrilled to bits. Andrew is so happy with Kat. There’s nothing at all I could say wrong about her.

“I’ve never seen him smile and laugh as much as he has done since this ­wonderful woman came into his and my life….

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