If anything, what should the Atlanta Braves do regarding third base?

There’s a whole lotta infielders on the Braves’ roster.  So let’s narrow the problem – and the discussion – down just a bit.

If there’s one thing most Atlanta Braves fans should have learned about their front office, it’s that no option is ever off of the table. Per ESPN’s Buster Olney on Twitter:

If Atlanta keeps Matt Adams at first base and Freddie Freeman at third for the rest of 2017, what does this mean for the future of Atlanta’s third base?


Atlanta’s current third base options, and potential Free Agency options…

  1. Freddie Freeman
  2. Johan Camargo
  3. Sean Rodriguez
  4. Rio Ruiz
  5. Adonis GarciaWait, you forgot about him, didn’t you?

Pulling the trigger on any third basemen before the trade deadline would be nothing short of premature. 

With Atlanta apparently keeping Matt Adams for first base and Freeman at third for the remainder of the 2017 season, there is a possibility Adams could get traded during the off-season to a team in need of a cheap and productive first baseman.  Besides, only the Yankees are in the market at the moment.


In the coming off-season…

Third base is going to be a mildly talented position with a decent amount of veterans and young, controllable talent:

If Rodriguez and/or Camargo fall off in the second half, Freeman moves back to first base full time, and the Atlanta Braves are legitimately concerned about having someone to play third base, they could scoop up an all-star caliber third basemen in Mike Moustakas.

While Moustakas will cost a pretty penny, his all-star skills are guaranteed to come along with him.  A Mike Moustakas addition to the Atlanta lineup would create an extremely intimidating 3-4-5 with Freddie Freeman and Matt Kemp.

Todd Frazier will be on the free agent market after he completes the rest of the 2017 season with…

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