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The Missouri State Ice Bears keep rising in the American Collegiate Hockey Association rankings this season. 

With a record of 7-5-2, the Ice Bears have climbed seven spots from where they originally appeared on the list, ranking 18th.

“If we keep playing well, we’ll keep climbing in the rankings,” Ice Bears head coach Jeremy Law said. “We’ve played some really good games against some of the Top 10 teams in the country.” 

MSU has kept most of the losses this season close, and Law thinks that has helped the Ice Bears in the rankings.

But it doesn’t mean they don’t want to improve and add some more wins to their record.

“We need to play more consistently,” Law said. “Although we’ve been playing well against some top-ranked teams, we need to get some wins against them, too.”

Senior co-captain Alex Turin agrees with Law, but he thinks the team’s change in attitude represents one of the team’s greatest strengths.

And having a new coach has made a big difference.

“We have more chemistry this year,” Turin said. “With a new coach, we have different systems and every one is just kind of more on board this year.”

The entire team has enjoyed the Bears climb in the rankings — even those off the ice.

Senior co-captain Brendan McClew has not played this season, rather, he’s watched his team climb the rankings from the stands due to injury.

“It’s been really exciting,” McClew said. “The guys have been fun to watch.”

However, McClew returned to the ice on Saturday. 

“I’m glad to be back on the ice with the boys,” McClew said. “I really had to control my emotions being back out there.”

Although McClew enjoyed the weekend, considering he made his return, the Ice Bears dropped two games.

On Oct. 12, it looked as if the Ice Bears would have a solid weekend, as they defeated previously…

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