‘I turned my dad’s erotic novel into a hit podcast’

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Jamie Morton (centre) and friends Alice Levine and James Cooper

When Jamie Morton started making his own podcast, he certainly picked an eyebrow-raising topic – reading out his dad’s attempts at erotic fiction.

Jamie’s father had sent him the first few chapters of the racy novel he’d been secretly writing.

“I naively assumed it would be some story of swashbuckling pirates or a spy thriller. It was only when I started reading it that I discovered he’d been penning porn,” says Jamie, 29.

Bodice-ripping sentences he stumbled over included “the job interviewer had just asked her to remove her jacket and silk blouse” and “her black brassiere was working overtime”.

Following the initial shock, Jamie decided to read his dad’s adult literature to some friends down the pub. They immediately collapsed with laughter and piled in with their comments and critiques.

The evening was so much fun that it inspired London-based Jamie to launch a podcast called My Dad Wrote A Porno. Every week he and his friends, James Cooper and Alice Levine, discuss and analyse a different chapter of his father’s unintentionally funny book, which is called Belinda Blinked.

Since its launch in September 2015 the podcast has been a surprise hit, surpassing 50 million downloads worldwide, and regularly dominating Apple’s iTunes podcast chart.

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