Hydraulic Fracturing Pros and Cons

If people will be asked regarding hydraulic fracturing, it can be expected that contradicting answers will surface. Fracking has its pros and cons and to get an accurate view of the process, here are some of the facts that will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

Fracking advantages:

  • The process is known to be effective since it has been in use for decades already.
  • Hydraulic fracturing tantamount to energy abundance and it can easily support the demands of people for alternative energy.
  • Fracking can also be considered as an employment booster because while drilling operations are in progress, it will open jobs for people.

Fracking disadvantages:

  • Water contamination is one ugly side of fracking that must not be overlooked. Water is a staple of daily existence and when wells are polluted because of the chemicals used for the process, it can be expected that poor health, poor sanitation and poor environment will become major problems.
  • Residential worries. Who will not be worried of exploding houses or fire coming out of your faucet? Hydraulic fracturing can cause major worries for people living near fracking sites and it can even become the reason for fracking accident to take place.
  • Shaky grounds. Incidences of earthquake occurs in almost every part of the world and hydraulic fracturing only worsens the situation because researches showed that it increases the risk for shaky grounds to take place.

Some people will voice out their support for hydraulic fracturing and be very thankful for its existence. However along with that are the critics that will show the other side of fracking, its disadvantages and the harm that it can bring to the environment and the people. It seems that people have different opinions and views the idea in various ways and definitely, in order to avoid the onset of further conflicts, nothing can be better than to make sure that proper measures are in place, regulations are observed…

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