Huge airport delays in Sydney and Melbourne amid heightened security | Australia news

Bill Shorten has suggested that domestic passengers at Australian airports should be made to show ID as part of increased security measures following an alleged plot to plant a bomb on a plane.

All Australian domestic flights allow self check-in, meaning it is possible to get on a plane without any identification and without the name on the ticket being checked by airport staff.

Shorten suggested that might need to be reviewed in response to the alleged terrorism plot uncovered by the Australian federal police on Saturday.

“It seems to me at first blush to be a bit sensible that you know who’s actually getting on the plane,” he told Radio National on Monday.

The justice minister, Michael Keenan, said requiring passengers to show ID would increase the time taken to check in and that inconvenience would need to be balanced against the benefit to public safety.

“I’m not going to rule things in or out but if there was a requirement to do that to keep the Australian people safe then obviously we would do that,” Keenan told the ABC.

Heightened security caused long queues and delayed check-ins at Australia’s two busiest airports, Melbourne and Sydney, on Monday morning, as passengers were warned to arrive at least two hours’ early for domestic flights to allow time to get through security.

The queue for the security checkpoint at Sydney was already dozens deep by 5am. By 8am the queue for the Qantas terminal at Sydney stretched out the front door.

Mary Lloyd

The queue now stretches outside the terminal and down the entire length of T2 st Sydney airport.

July 30, 2017

Wendy Carlisle

Extraordinary queues to check in here at Sydney Airport. Not even sure what queue I’m in #SydneyAirport

July 30, 2017

In Melbourne, Australian federal police and Victoria police officers walked among the security line, which was pushed back to the terminal doors.

Aneeka Simonis

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