How to Reuse Packaging Foams

Reducing waste and finding new uses for packing materials such as EVA foam or EPE foam can be an important concern for those who are concerned about the environment or who may only have a limited or fixed budget at their disposal. Finding ways to reuse PU foam and the other materials that are commonly used in shipping may be able to provide a number of cost-effective and environmental benefits that you would do well to learn more about. Finding greener and more sustainable ways to recycle or re-purpose old packaging materials can be much easier to do than you may have anticipated. 

Storing Packaging Materials for Future Use 

Properly storing EPE foam, packaging peanuts and other materials that are commonly used in shipping sensitive or delicate items can be the first step of the process. Safely storing such materials, rather than disposing of them, should you be unable to find a way to reuse them in the short term will ensure that you are able to find a wider range of situations where they could be of potential benefit. Keeping them safely stored and out of the way can be a minor effort that is able to provide you with a greater benefit when the time comes. 

Reusing your EPE Foam 

Foam, packing insulation and other materials that have managed to retain much of their usability once shipped can be reused when it comes to sending future packages or shipments, saving you on the purchase cost of obtaining replacement materials. Keeping a supply of such resources close at hand will give you a far more cost-effective and environmentally beneficial way to meet your needs. The simplest way to reuse packaging foams is for the use the were originally designed to provided, padding and securing items and shipments that might otherwise be at greater risk of suffering harm. 

Using Foam in Your Gardening or Potted Plants 

Adding shredded EVA foam and other packaging materials to potting or gardening soil can provide a more affordable way to beautify your home,…

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