How to Protect, Store and Ship Small, Valuable Components for Today’s Advanced Technology Products

For example, trays have been custom-designed for use in medical device manufacturing. There are many small components that go into robust and complex life-saving devices; therefore, these components must be in perfect condition for manufacturing. In a more exotic application, a tray for protecting, storing and shipping diamonds destined for a volume jewelry assembler may require custom pockets that protect these valuable gems. Or, more commonplace, miniature springs being shipped to a watch manufacturer might need to be held securely in place, even if they are dumped out on an assembly workstation upon arrival. What’s important is that all the parts arrive at their destination intact and without damage, and this can be accomplished by designing and using trays adequately suited to safely transport valuable items.

Although it may seem obvious that different industries would have product-handling specifications to ensure the best possible outcomes for their fragile devices, this isn’t always the case. Often, details about the device the tray is designated for cannot be fully disclosed; for example, the high-end smartphone for which the chip is the “secret sauce” or the sensor that contains manufacturing materials that sets it apart from its competitor.

There are, however, several critical parameters to consider when looking for the right chip/device/component tray design to suit a specific need.

Look for a Material Suited to Your Device’s Environment 

Before a material can be recommended for a specific chip or device tray application, design engineers need to consider parameters such as the temperature of the storage and shipping environment, chemicals it may be exposed to, the surface resistivity of the chip/device, tray coatings used and special circumstances, such as whether it needs to be RoHS compliant.

For example, if the application requires static protection and dimensional stability, polycarbonate with carbon powder is recommended. If it also…

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