How to Pick the Best Basketball Shoe for You

 Allow me get started with saying this, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to finding the right basketball shoe. Each and every woman or man has different demands when it comes to choosing the best basketball shoe. 


There are two chief criteria to take into account when you are thinking about which basketball shoe is best for you.


1) Your Size and Weight – bigger and taller players need to have shoes that offer you more support and stability. Shorter and less heavy players don’t  require as much support and stability.


2) Your Choice of Play – If you’re a post player (center, or power forward) you again need to get a shoe that will give you the most stability. If you are uard or player that likes to run up and down the court, you want a light-weight shoe that gives you support, but does not restrict movement in your nimble lateral movements.


 Once you know your size/weight/style of play, you can continue to make your search more specifc. When looking at shoes, zero in on the attributes. Some features will be more important you than others. And not everyone places equal value on the same attribute.


The main attributes to look at are


1) Traction – Do you make a lot of swift cuts/lateral moves? You will require a shoe with good traction to keep you from sliding. Do you play quite a bit of outdoor basketball? Then you need to get a shoe with an extra durable outer sole.


2) Cushion – Each shoe places more cushion in distinct areas. Some place more in the heel, others put more cushion in the forefoot. Where do you require the most cushion?


3) Material – Some material makes shoes significantly more flexible, while other materials makes shoes significantly more rigid and stable. Do you require flexibility or stability?


4) Fit – Do you want a snug fit, or do you favor a looser fit?


5) Support – Again, this ties in with the type of player you are. How much support do you require?


6) Price – Don’t pay for features…

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