How to Install and Dual Boot Linux on a Mac

Mac operating system (OS) is considered one of the most productive and efficient OS, but there might be certain situations that may require Linux as your system software. Going down to a market, purchasing a new Linux empowered device isn’t an ideal solution for this issue. With some additional products and some smart tweaks you can eventually turn your Mac in a Linux machine. The major advantage of getting both the OSes on your device is that you can switch to either of them to meet your business and professional requirements, when necessary. Running both the system software on a single device will make it reliable, performance oriented and ready for some bigger challenges. Buying two separate devices is a costly practice that can be easily avoided, if you’ve strong hold on setting up both of these on your device.

In this article, you’ll get to know about why you require dual boot on your Mac and how to install it in a simpler way:

Dual-boot allows you to continue running Mac OS X on your device, however, you can boot into Ubuntu when you choose to do so. Mac OS’s are relatively faster, efficient, and accurate than Linux, but Ubuntu has a special hold on parameters such as security, performance on servers, and minimal boot time to start up the device. Since, both the system software are Unix-like software, they gel up well and the distributions typically work quite well on the physical device. For some people getting both of them is a good balance as it allows you to get more familiar with Ubuntu, an operating system for Intel x86-based personal computers.

How to install Linux on Mac?

Dual-booting on a Mac PC is easy as you just need to stick in a LiveCD disk, containing Linux on it, and leave the rest of the device. Although, some early preparations may be required to deal with the pairing up of these two. Just insert the LiveCD disk and give some time to your PC as the installer will take care of all the difficult stuff. Before…

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