How to Decide if Your Community Event Needs Portable Toilets

Local groups and organizations around the country put on all sorts of events. Sports days, craft fairs, farmers markets, jumble sales, barbeques, music festivals and so much more enhance the life of a community. A lot of work goes into planning these types of events and carrying them off on the day. With summer starting soon, many of these events will be held out of doors. One question organizers must settle early in the planning and budgeting process is whether or not they will need to rent portable toilets.

Any organization considering putting on an outdoor event needs ask a couple of questions to help determine if they will require portable toilet rental, or wherever the event is to be held.

1.  Will the group have access to indoor restroom facilities? Just because the facilities are there does not mean it is feasible for them to be used by large numbers of people attending the event. First the group will need to know if the owner of the facilities is willing to let them be used. The group must then decide if the facilities are adequate and appropriate for the number of people they expect to attend. If so, they can then discuss any issues of legal liability with the property owner.

2.  How long will people be at the event? Few people will spend that long at a jumble sale, aside from the volunteers running it. But if people will be staying for a couple of hours, then they will need restroom facilities. If food and drink are being served, restrooms and sinks for hand washing are essential, and more will be required than for events without refreshments.

3.  What people will be doing at the event will also determine what facilities will be needed on the day. If it is a sporting event, will showers be required? Portable shower units can be rented along with portable toilets.

If the event will need portable toilets, organizers will soon find that they have a wide range of choices including deluxe units that meet ADA regulations. Some portable toilet units have sinks…

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