How successful will the Xbox One X be? – Reader’s Feature

Xbox One X – how important is it to Microsoft’s future?

A reader tries to predict how important the Xbox One X will be to the future of Microsoft’s console business.

Xbox One X exists for a number of reasons, some of which become all too obvious when reflecting upon a previous article. Since Phil Spencer has taken over the helm at Xbox he has been something of a revelation. Being resoundingly beaten by Sony in sales and a clear deficit in first party output, is releasing the world’s most powerful console the answer?

It can’t hurt, but how successful can the Xbox One X possibly be when priced at £449? When you consider the Xbox One launched at that price and sold reasonably well, despite being hindered by a device nobody wanted (Kinect 2.0), perhaps it doesn’t warrant pessimism. Phil Spencer has repeatedly said he expects to sell far more Xbox One S units though, tempering expectations in front of the gaming press is always wise.

The suggestion Xbox One X is only aimed at the ‘hardcore’, or gaming enthusiast if you prefer, I can’t imagine that aligns with Spencer’s real expectations. Irrespective of backwards/forwards compatibility, in some respects Microsoft have hit the reset button. This is very much Spencer’s console. No longer saddled with the mistakes of the past, it presents a fresh start for the Xbox brand.

There is no question a processing power advantage has attributed to the success of PlayStation 4, with disparities in resolution being a common topic during the earlier part of the generation. The Xbox One X specifications are extremely impressive and not far removed from being next generation in capability, with the exception of the CPU. This limitation alone ensures that frame rate, particularly at higher resolutions, probably won’t see the substantial increases some of us would like to be standard on console. Save those aspirations for the next round of consoles.

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