How Magnesium Protects Against Heart Disease, Stroke & Diabetes (Most of us Are Deficient) – Collective Evolution

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We’ve covered this topic extensively here at CE, but the importance of magnesium can’t really be stressed enough. Do you know how essential magnesium is to your health? Many of the symptoms we experience in our daily lives could be solved simply by eating magnesium-rich foods or through magnesium supplementation.

A recent study conducted by Zhejiang University and Zhengzhou University in China examined over 1 million people across nine countries, and found that those who consumed the most dietary magnesium had a 10% lower risk of coronary heart disease (one of the leading causes of death in the United States), a 12% lower risk of stroke, and a 26% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

This research was published in Biomed Central. According to study lead author Dr. Fudi Wang:

Low levels of magnesium in the body have been associated with a range of diseases, but no conclusive evidence has been put forward on the link between dietary magnesium and health risks. Our meta-analysis provides the most up-to date evidence supporting a link between the role of magnesium in food and reducing the risk of disease. . . .

Our findings will be important for informing the public and policy makers on dietary guidelines to reduce magnesium deficiency-related diseases.

Wang also notes that, while current guidelines recommend men take about 300 mg of magnesium daily and women 270 mg, magnesium deficiency remains common, affecting between 2.5% and 15% of the population.

Just How Much Should We Be Looking at Magnesium?

Medical and naturopathic doctor Carolyn Dean, a member of the Nutritional Magnesium Medical Advisory Board, claims that it’s obvious cholesterol isn’t the cause of heart disease, as doctors have been prescribing statins for two decades to solve this problem, yet heart disease continues to be the number one killer in America.

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