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Gary Numan may be best known to most for his hit, “Cars,” but more than 35 years after it he still has a core of fervent fans.

On Sept. 15, he released his 22nd album, “Savage (Songs from a Broken World)” (BMG), and he just launched his North American tour. Numan will be at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles Nov. 16 and 18 and The Observatory in Santa Ana Nov. 17.

“Savage” takes a hard look at humanity in an imagined apocalyptic, post-global warming Earth of the not-too-distant future. The inspiration for the effort came from ideas Numan has been gathering for a science-fiction novel over many years.

“I normally write about things that are bothering me,” Numan said.”When it came to write the new album, life was really good actually. I’d moved to Los Angeles, I was very happy, the children were all healthy and enjoying school and I had no problems to write about. I turned to the ideas of the novel…I started to write a couple of things and as that happened, coincidentally, Donald Trump appeared and started to make his moves for the election. He started to say things like global warming was a hoax and many other things I thought were a bit silly and so I started to write more songs about global warming.”

Numan said he felt that the Paris Agreement meant that the world was finally coming together to take on the global warming issue, but that President Trump’s resistance to it was a step backwards.

“What started out as a couple of songs on the album to get me going became something much more important to me,” Numan said. “It’s not a prophecy or anything like that, but an album that’s based on the idea that’s it’s more likely to happen now than it was before.”

Numan said he is deeply concerned about the future of humanity and the rate with which we are destroying our environment. The answer, he said, is to vote for a candidate that shares your values and has the willingness to make hard changes.

“We need politicians that…

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