How did the year 2017 go for you? – Orange County Register

With 2018 fast approaching, it’s that time of (this) year. A time of happiness, and reflection. The time of year where we partake in merriment with our families but also look back on another year gone and another year to go.

In many ways, the year’s end is bittersweet. And it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives, and there were certainly some negatives in 2017. But it can’t be worse than 2016 killing off a bunch of our favorite celebrities, can it? We here on the Editorial Board are still lamenting the loss of the Thin White Duke. And this year hasn’t taken nearly as many big-name celebrities from us. See? There are always positives! Try not to forget about them.

Which brings us to our Question of the Week for readers. How did the year 2017 go for you?

This year marked President Donald Trump’s first full year in office. Is he “Making America Great Again”? Or do you still wish Hillary Clinton had won?

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