Children are naturally curious and love exploring the world around them. And this natural curiosity leads them many a time to ask about supernatural and religious issues. In fact, childhood is the appropriate time for parents to introduce their children to their religious ideas and, mainly, to the idea of God as a caring and loving being.

However, many a time parents do not know how to deal with such a complex subject or, at least, do not know how to explain to their kids the idea of God using a language accessible to them. Fortunately, there are many Christian books that you can take advantage of and that can help you in such a challenging but pleasant task.

There are many Christian books available in the market that are tailored suit for children and that teach them about God, the angels, the different saints, about the Christian dogma and even the most popular prayers in a friendly way. In general, these books have plenty of colorful pictures that make them especially attractive for children. Their texts are also tailored suit for their young audience. They do not use many complex words and they rely on rhymes to teach children the most important concepts.

Many Christian books teach children about God by means of songs. Songs are great tools to introduce children to religious concepts as all children love singing and it is an easy way of helping them understand complex ideas.

If you are interested in introducing your child to the Bible, there are many Bibles adapted for the children. They have colorful images and the most popular stories told in the Bible are adapted by means of using a simplified vocabulary and an abridged version of them.

These books, as you can see, are great tools to teach children about God and children are usually very much attracted to them. One of the most important advantages they offer is that it makes easier for children to understand the difference between good and evil and understand why certain attitudes or behaviors are…

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