How a teen inspired a major Anaheim hotel to make stays a little easier for those with autism – Orange County Register

On top of the usual luggage for four, the Behuras pack extra things for 10-year-old Maximillian.

Special food, easy-to use plates and utensils, medication, iPads and tablets, light-up toys, an over-sized stroller.

Traveling with an autistic child can be real tough, but the Yorba Linda family refuses to miss out on vacations.

For years, Alexander Behura, 17, has helped his parents plan ahead for trips with Max, who is autistic. From this brotherly love grew a major Anaheim hotel’s desire to help those like the Behura family.

Best buddies

Max has soft eyes and the gangly arms of a young boy tall for his age. He’s friendly and energetic. He likes to hold and be held; often clutching someone’s arm in a friendly manner, even a stranger’s.

Alexander is a straight-A student at Valencia High in Placentia who speaks four languages. He plans to be a cardiovascular doctor. Born with a congenital heart disease, Alexander has a five-inch scar like a zipper on his chest. He’s had two open-heart surgeries and a third is expected.

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