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Spirituality comes alive and dreams come true

When His Majesty The King visited the lower region of Haa dzongkhag after the National Day celebrations, we saw fresh glimpses of the old Bhutan that we know and felt a powerful sense of the new Bhutan that is emerging. As the Royal entourage crossed Tergo La pass on December 20, there was literally a sense of entering a valley of hidden spiritual treasures and the growing potential of socio-economic initiatives.

The two remote southern gewogs of Sangbaykha and Gakiling are practically unknown to the rest of Bhutan. Even less known are the sacred nyes that lie hidden in the forests, lakes, cliffs, caves and crevices among the raw ridges and valleys. Tergo means “door to treasures”, and the new road that crosses the 3,720-metre pass to connect Haa to Samtse literally provides access to sacred sites, many of them yet to be discovered and known. Local elders believe that there are more of the treasures concealed by none other than Guru Rinpoche, to be discovered when the time comes. In fact Sangbaykha, where His Majesty The King hosted Tokha on December 21, means “concealed site” with the connotation that it is to be discovered.

On December 20, His Majesty The King visited the Terbey Lhakhang which sits high above the Sangbaykha settlement with a panoramic view that stretches towards China in the north and India in the south. His Majesty offered an image of Jambayang to the lhakhang along with a silver butter lamp bowl. The next day, His Majesty met the local community around Mochhu Lhakhang and offered an image of Chenrizig.

Just as we think we’ve seen it all, something awesome happens. On Saturday, December 23, His Majesty The King formally inaugurated the Rangtse Nye, an extraordinarily beautiful large limestone cave that is a marvel of nature with an unusually powerful spiritual ambiance.

The cavern is located high on a sheer ridge near Rangtse village in lower Haa, a dramatically steep…

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