Helix Education Explores Game-Changing Enrollment Growth Strategies in New Playbook

The Enrollment Growth Playbook is based on Helix Education’s deep industry know-how on enrolling and retaining non-traditional students.

“At Helix Education, we’re constantly working to assess the latest research, establish industry best practices, and construct a continuously optimized approach to foster enterprise enrollment growth,” said Schnittman.

The first volume of Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth Playbook sparked thoughtful and critical conversations at institutions around the country, and was lauded as ‘a powerhouse of knowledge’ and ‘must read’. Today, Helix is proud to share the next evolution of its thinking with the release of its expanded playbook. The newest version brings to light a wider breadth of considerations and strategies for launching, marketing and growing online and on-campus programs at scale.

Volume two takes Helix’s existing playbook teachings and expands upon them across the board, offering deeper insights and ideas on:

  • How “high demand” programs can actually set you up for failure
  • Implementing community outreach and influencer marketing
  • SEO and its impact on your intended audience
  • Adopting a customer service mindset in enrollment operations
  • Reducing admissions barriers
  • Optimizing admissions document management
  • Speeding up financial aid processing
  • Developing orientation and gateway courses for adult students

“The overwhelming response to our first edition, step-by-step guide really put into perspective the need for both a free resource like this, but also the platform it has created for ongoing dialog with presidents, provosts, administrators, marketers, faculty, vendors and more,” said Matthew Schnittman, President and CEO of Helix Education. “At…

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