Heart-condition PSA from New Prairie high schoolers heads to national competition

by Jessi Schultz, WSBT 22 Reporter

A group of New Prairie High School students made a PSA about undetected heart conditions. // WSBT 22

If your child is healthy, the possibility of an undetected heart condition is the last thing you think about. But testing for something hidden could save their life.

WSBT 22 met with some New Prairie high school students who are making it their mission to get the word out. These two families are now forever connected

“With the Mayfields and my family, we have gone through the worst tragedy imaginable,” said Julie Schroeder.

She lost a son to an undetected heart condition

Diane and Mike Mayfield lost their 17-year-old son Mark earlier this year. He was playing basketball.

“With Mark, he was lean. He was taller, so it was the last thing that we ever expected to happen,” said Mike Mayfield.

Schroeder relates to their loss all too well. In 2013, her 17-year-old son Jake West also collapsed after playing sports. Both boys had the same undetected heart condition.

But the boy’s families weren’t the only ones shocked by their loss. Classmates were, too.

That’s why a group of New Prairie juniors decided to do something about it. They’re in an after-school club that promotes healthy communities. Each year the club has a competition.

This year, students were asked to make a video about how communities stay resilient after a natural disaster. Instead of a tornado or a hurricane, this group focused on something they’ve all been through: Loss because of heart conditions.

“We thought this is a disaster, and it’s a real disaster that we’ve all been through,” said New Prairie junior Calie Metzger.

“People all over can see this video, and even if we can just reach one person that says, ‘OK well we can go get a heart screening,’ that may save one life,” said New Prairie junior Megan Boyd.

Their video is now sending them to nationals in Florida.

“This video really makes our group special because we have been through this,” saod New…

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