Handwriting on suspicious package ‘seemed similar’ to Guido Amsel’s, ex-wife testifies – Manitoba

Iris Amsel was returning home from a road trip with her brother to Alberta on July 3, 2015 when she turned on her car radio and heard some startling news.

“I heard there was a bombing and that Maria Mitousis was severely injured,” the ex-wife of accused mail bomber Guido Amsel told a Winnipeg court Tuesday.

Her testimony included details about the business and personal strife between her and her ex-husband, accusations of using a fake identity to come between him and his new wife, and the defence’s suggestion that she herself planted the bombs Guido Amsel is accused of mailing to her and others.

Iris Amsel told court that after hearing about Mitousis’s injury, she immediately phoned her boyfriend and business associate, James Block, in Winnipeg.

“I said, ‘Do you realize this is my lawyer?'” she testified.

Guido Amsel, 51, is on trial, charged with five counts of attempted murder and several explosives offences in connection with three mail bombs delivered to Iris Amsel and two law firms in July 2015 and a December 2013 explosion outside Iris Amsel’s RM of St. Clements home.

Iris said she was still en route home when Block sent her a picture of a package addressed to her and delivered to Block’s Washington Avenue autobody garage.

‘We decided not to touch this letter … We wanted to make sure this wasn’t something that would potentially harm us.’
– Iris Amsel

Iris said she believed the handwriting on the package “seemed similar” to Guido Amsel’s.

Iris said when she and her brother arrived home they inspected the house “to make sure everything was as we left it.”

Iris said she found some papers with Guido’s handwriting and compared them to the picture of the package.

“I thought many of the letters were similar to the samples I had,” she told the court Tuesday.

Iris and Block met at the autobody garage the next morning to look at the package.

“We decided not to touch this letter,” Iris said. “We knew the return address did not…

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