HAI Group Announces Partnership with the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future

HAI Group, a national provider of innovative solutions tailored for the public and affordable housing industry, is proud to announce a partnership with the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF).

The two leaders in the affordable housing industry have joined forces to sustain and preserve affordable housing through the development of training programs designed to help reduce energy costs. The three-part training series shares tips, tools, and best practices for HVAC preventative maintenance, in-unit inspections, energy and water-efficient replacements, and more, in the form of engaging, informative short videos delivered exclusively through HTVN, HAI Group’s e-Learning Solution.

“As a nonprofit collaborative of affordable housing providers across the country, our members have diverse needs. We are pleased to see that they are already benefiting from the extensive resources available through the Preventative Maintenance, Energy, and Water Conservation Series on HTVN,” said SAHF President and CEO Eileen Fitzgerald. An early participant in SAHF’s O&M trainings, BRIDGE Housing has seen results from adopting recommended practices. As Senior Vice President James Valva notes, “Reducing our energy and water consumption has been a high priority… By introducing a portfolio-wide efficiency standard that calls for affordable, low-flow water fixtures, we will continue to drive down consumption and costs.”

For the past 20 years, HTVN has been a top choice for busy housing professionals when it comes to their online training choice. “As a benefit to our members, we offer many risk management and maintenance courses on HTVN free of charge. HTVN offers an annual subscription that empowers housing professionals through online learning, so they are equipped with the knowledge and skills…

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