Greece: Refusing illegitimate debt – a struggle that unites

Among the militants that had gathered that evening were a range of figures drawn from a broad spectrum of the Left who are in resistance to the Memoranda: Zoe Konstantopoulou (the former President of the Greek Parliament, who is also founder of the political movement Course of Freedom), three former ministers of the first Tsipras government (Panagiotis Lafazani, Dimitri Stratoulis and Nadia Valavani, all of them members of Popular Unity), the jurist Nikos Konstantopoulos (former president of Syriza, in the early 2000s), Aris Chatzistefanou (maker of the films Debtocracy (… ), Catastroika (…), etc. and Director of the Web site Infowar), Leonidas Vatikiotis (co-screenwriter of Debtocracy and Catastroika), Moisis Litsis of the Greek chapter of CADTM, Kostas Bitsani (companion of MEP Sofia Sakorafa, who was unable to leave Brussels that evening), Antonis Ntavanelos (ex-member of Syriza’s political committee) and Sotiris Martiris (both members of DEA and of Popular Unity), Stathis Kouvelakis (ex-member of the Syriza central committee, member of Popular Unity), Diamantis Karanastasis, one of the leaders of Course of Freedom, Marie Laure Coulmin, coordinator of the group work Les Grecs contre l’Austérité, trade-union members and many citizens who are not in the habit of taking part in meetings of the radical Left. It was a real success in a situation where unified action among all those who are in resistance is more vital than ever. Such diversity is rarely seen and it’s important to point out that the struggle against illegitimate debt is a force that can bring about convergence among such a broad spectrum of individuals.
It was not easy to do.

The screening site had not been chosen by chance. The open-air cinema belongs to the public water utility workers’ union, with the Troika
Troika: IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank, which together impose austerity…

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