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If you’re behind on some paperwork, at least you’re likely still way ahead of the governmental agencies the Orange County grand jury says are so out of compliance that they violate law.

In a new report, the grand jury states 15 percent of respondents to its inquiries were late and needed reminder letters. A whopping 20 percent of the documents were vague or incomplete and needed supplemental responses to comply with California Penal Code. More than 100 action items — recorded by the old 2015-2016 grand jury — remain pending.

The Orange County Office on Aging is one of the most cited agencies

But county agency scofflaws be warned: The grand jury quite literally will track you down.

The latest grand jury report makes clear it is “implementing an ongoing mechanism to track and publicly report on all outstanding commitments by county government entities.”

The report notes the grand jury expects the county chief executive officer to help ensure full and complete documents are filed on time.

“A significant number are submitted late,” the grand jury said, “use an improper format, or occasionally, are not submitted at all.”

What’s a few months — or a year — of tardiness when it comes to government? After all, we wait for an hour on hold with the DMV only to get disconnected, right?

Glad you asked.

“Grand jury investigations have little value unless recommendations are taken seriously by responding entities,” jurors explain, “and are addressed in a manner transparent to the public.

“Six past OCGJ reports have proclaimed the importance of tracking report responses, yet late, incomplete, and missing responses continue to drop out of public view.”

Perhaps some agencies consider procrastination a virtue. If they wait long enough some things go away.

Not so with future grand juries.

Timely responses

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