Government schools need competition; SB-193 will help

To The Daily Sun,
This is the 32nd of my reports on what is happening in the State House in Concord. I am going to focus on education this time, somewhat on Senate Bill 193 (SB-193) but I’m going to venture into some opinions on education as a whole.
SB-193 is fairly straightforward and says that a student should be able to use the state paid portion of his education costs to educate himself where he or his parents think is the best for him (or her). The bill recognizes the fact that the student is the focus of education and not the school. He is more than a $ sign providing money to a government school. If he/she wants to go to a parochial, private, government or home school, that is his CHOICE.
Now a lot of people are still under the illusion that this somehow might violate the Constitution and the Blaine amendment that says you can’t use state money for a religious school. This is not true as of June, when the Supreme Court overturned this amendment that targets Catholics specifically. Regardless, even if the Blaine amendment was in effect, the method for funding the SB-193 passed Supreme Court muster for other reasons. It’s time for government schools to have come competition.
But what is the real problem. It’s that our schools for 80+ years have not given the students what they need to succeed. Over 50 percent are functionally illiterate and cannot compute enough to balance a checkbook. Why is this? It’s not because there are not enough AP or foreign language classes in high school. It is because the children do not learn to read or use arithmetic in the first three years of school and from at point forward they do not have the tools to unlock their world and an AP class will not help them.
Why? Our schools are fundamentally broken because they rely on…

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