Golf carts and its safety measures

Golf cart offers the best ride for golfers to take a trip around the golf course. In recent days they have being versioned into utility carts to carry huge passenger loads to run about smaller distances in the vicinity of gated communities, airports and widespread campuses. As their distance coverage and travel spots seems to increase, the probability of accident occurrences are also par increasing. Hence proper measures and guidelines help to do with a safe travel.

Drive at minimal speed

Golf carts have the speed limit of less than 15mph and this becomes the right pace to travel with. Gas-powered carts can exert a greater pull and speed compared to electric carts but with minimal speed, the passengers remain safe in their seats. These carts can move up to 35 mph but considering the safety of the passengers, pedestrians and incoming traffic a cautious and a secure drive will do good.

Never overload:

Golf carts do not have seat belts. Hence the passengers should check for a perfect fit into their seats. Golf carts may turn risky at curves and down hills where an overloaded cart may throw away the passengers leading to serious injuries. Moreover hanging legs outside the golf cart and standing in the carts should also be avoided.

Take a perfect drive:

Golf carts are predestined for specific environments and areas. A reversing downhill, an uneven terrain, a wet or a muddy surface and a sharp turn can cause the golf cart to lose its stability. Thus avoiding such areas will provide a better safety. Also, driving along the cart path of a golf course may prevent damage made to the lawn and turf.

Follow rules:

Golf cart driving requires a trained driver who knows the etiquette for a safe driving. A golf cart though seems to be a handy vehicle, needs more care and caution to be driven at. Consuming alcohol or using drugs should be strictly avoided while driving the cart which when left negligible can turn out to be perilous or even fatal too. This cart…

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