Golden Valley Country Club to Remain Member-Owned

Golden Valley Country Club’s A.W. Tillinghast Designed Course

GVCC offers a rare and much sought after A.W. Tillinghast (Tilly) course, a beautiful club house, clay tennis courts, pool, central Twin Cities location, a rich and vibrant culture, and an incredibly talented and dedicated staff. These assets all make Golden Valley Country Club a top tier club.

The membership of Golden Valley Country Club voted to retain ownership of the club after a vote on Thursday December 28. The 2017 Board of Directors had presented the opportunity to approve the proposal for the sale of the club to Concert Golf Partners at this meeting. Recognizing the tremendous assets that Golden Valley Country Club possesses, the membership determined to continue to be self-managed and retain its exclusive appeal as a private club. This vote means that the club will remain member-owned and managed.

Is this the start of MN golf’s feel good story of the year? Arguably the most resilient private golf course in Minnesota, Golden Valley Country Club, has once again bounced back! Faced with a possible sale of the club, members banned together, devised a plan, and raised the capital needed without assessment to the membership. This story of resilience is what has made the Golden Valley Country Club membership so unique. In the 1930’s membership had sharply declined and it was Austen Cargill who stepped in, became president and through the generosity of numerous loans to the club, saved it from its first match with extinction. In 1940, the club went into receivership when 46 investors won the bid to keep the club alive. Faced with financial issues in 1950, the club was sold and later bought back in 1954 where they held a mortgage burning party.

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