Global Voice Group and Smart Africa – Partners in Driving Africa’s Quantum Leap in Telecommunications

No less than four ground-breaking Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were signed on 10 May 2017 by private sector companies and Smart Africa during the TAS 2017 summit. One of these private companies is Global Voice Group (GVG),—the MOU was signed on behalf of the company by Mr Laurent Lamothe, chairman of the Board of GVG. Mr Lamothe has been attending the Summit in this capacity.

The signing of these MOUs was announced by Dr Hamadoun Toure, the Executive Director for Smart Africa, in his closing address to the Transform Africa Summit (TAS) 2017 on Friday, May 12th. Dr Toure announced these MOUs as part of the bold and innovative commitment to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development on the African continent through the provision of affordable access to broadband and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The MOU GVG signed with Smart Africa is designed to catapult Africa into a knowledge and information economy, creating employment and improving accountability, efficiency and openness through ICT. This by promoting the introduction of sound regulatory guidelines, processes and advanced technologies in telecommunication. GVG has more than 20 years experience in this field.

As seen in the signing of the four MOUs, ICT will be leveraged through partnerships with the private sector. By signing this MOU, GVG joins important organisations, such as the African Union, NEPAD Agency, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), The World Bank, the African Development Bank, the United Nations Agencies, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), the African Telecommunications Union and other private sector companies associated with Smart Africa and working to implement its strategies.

One of Smart Africa’s most important strategies is to adopt a harmonised African telecommunications…

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